About Our Journey!

a long journey of innovation, skills, collaboration, talent, efforts & aim.

Journey of XROAD started back in 2009, having the aim to establish identity as sports brand and this journey successfully continue even today.
XROAD fortune to have many success stories internationally.
Last couple of years, the gap of quality sports products & specially sports fashion apparels completely missing. Buying from the international brands a mere dream due to their prices for a huge population and challenge was locally to get similar quality fabric.

“Challenge & Passion made it possible”

Last three years we were trying to develop fabric to meet the international quality at affordable price, we proudly mention here that the very first time in Pakistan used lyocell thread to knit the world soft fabric to achieve this goal.

Still Why The Products are at Reasonable Price. ?

The One line Answer is!
There is no middle man to share the profit, from knitting to ready garments.

The difference will go into your pocket, we are manufacturing & selling these products with love & passion.

You’r dream outfits come straight from the factory.

Export Initiated
XROAD journey starts in 2009.
Best quality Feedback Achiever
'Feedback is the reason our success'
National Launch
'2020 is the year XROAD landed here'
Comfort and simplicity are two keys that we follow

The biggest achievement for us is we have generated handsome employment & produce assets in the shape of the best human capital. Our employees are our proud, their dedication & efficiency results in our success.

Our product actually shows how good XROAD is, even a single thread is the best feeler for our clients.

Men's collection
Best winter trends
'Just | Move'
Women's collection
Changing the lifeStyle!
'Women With Attitude'
Junior collection
New modern trends
'Kids Revolution'
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